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FreshBooks now supports OAuth

by Sunir Shah  |  September 10/2009  |  , ,
FreshBooks now supports OAuth

FreshBooks OAuth authorization page FreshBooks now supports OAuth to make it easier to build and manage its third-party addons. Today, we’re proud to announce that we now support OAuth, an increasingly popular open protocol for secure API authorization. OAuth …

Sign on the dotted line with RightSignature

by Sunir Shah  |  July 23/2009  |  , ,
Sign on the dotted line with RightSignature

RightSignature lets your clients electronically sign FreshBooks invoices and estimates using their familiar handwritten signature. For an online invoicing company that tries to get you paid faster, nothing is more frustrating than making you wait for a client to physically sign and mail back …

FreshBooks comes to Salesforce

by Sunir Shah  |  July 21/2009  |  , , ,
FreshBooks comes to Salesforce

Update! This add-on has been discontinued, however Zapier has developed an integration that canĀ connect FreshBooks and Salesforce together. Zapier is a great tool that can connect FreshBooks with over 300 other popular web services. You can learn more about ZapierĀ here. Keeping track from lead to deal to dollar has never been easier. …


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