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A good sign of vision is that no one else can see it

by Saul Colt  |  October 6/2011  |  , , ,

Most of the world heard the news of Steve Jobs passing yesterday and as expected when someone as beloved and historically significant as Mr. Jobs passes there will be tributes. Instead of repeating what hundreds have already said I would like to offer a different take and actually attempt to describe what made …

Steve Jobs on focus

by Mike McDerment  |  April 1/2008  |  , , ,
Steve Jobs on focus

I am sort of obsessed with focus. Our long time advisor Bill Mann once said, ‘gentlemen, there’s a four letter word in business: “focus”‘.Much of my time here at FreshBooks is spent thinking about what opportunities not to pursue, instead thinking about the ones we can. So when I came across this quote …

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