The State of the Freelancer

(click for a larger view)The State of the Freelancer

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  • Jennifer

    I frequently read and enjoy posts to the Freshbooks blog, but this one’s by far captured the biggest chunk of my attention yet. Thanks for the insight!

  • Newman

    Explaining to clients why work isn’t free, is one of the hardest parts of the job. I am going to start including this link with all my future quotes. Thank you.

  • jaime

    My favorite part is the last graphic – “88.9% are happier since they began freelancing…” Through all the hardship, apparently it’s worth it.

  • Mike

    Great article and very motivating…especially the last part!

  • Jason Williams

    Excellent info graphics here. It is hard being a freelance designer at times, but in the long run it’s nice to know that the odds are in my favor in a lot of ways. Thanks for the great work on this!

  • Rebecca Wilson

    Wow-great information graphic. Freelancing is something I have been considering doing on the side-I think this may have pushed me over the edge. I didn’t realize such a high % of people were so much happier from doing freelance work.