Under the Hood: Introducing Saul

Photo of Saul ColtYou know that feeling when someone is talking and you don’t want them to stop? You are captivated, entertained and amused? That’s how I felt when I had to run out of our first interview with Saul to get a phone call — it sucked to have to leave. Fortunately he was good enough to come back for a second interview, then a trial-by-fire “build a plan in two hours and sell it to us” interview, and finally a fourth due-diligence interview with some trusted FreshBooks advisors. Apparently it’s no easy feat to get a job here at FreshBooks.

Luckily Saul Colt had the stamina and the character to endure all of that and join the FreshBooks team, and he’s been working hard behind the scenes with us since early December. You can learn more about Saul here, but a blurb that short doesn’t do Saul justice.

If you’re expecting someone loud and gregarious, don’t write him off. He’s the kind of guy you find on the wings at a cocktail party, and once you tune into his wit and creativity, you’ll want to hang out with him for the whole night.

I don’t have kids, but I can only imagine how hard it is to drop them off for that first day of school — you have to entrust your children to a teacher, someone to shape and mould them. That’s a little bit of the trepidation that crept in during our recent hire. We set out to find someone who could join our team and spend more time with our customers than we do. It’s not an easy role to hire for, but that’s what we felt we needed to do — enter Saul.

From a career standpoint, Saul is the man who brought Zipcar to Canada and made it their most successful international market entry, and during the process he re-wrote the book on how they enter markets and work core elements of their promotions. He’s also the man who built and sold his own comic book company. And he’s the man whose imagination is more active than a hummingbird’s wings.

As you can see, it’s not hard to talk about Saul. He’s a warm and genuine guy, and if you get a chance to meet him, whether virtually or out in the real world, I hope you’ll follow me in welcoming him to FreshBooks.

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  • http://www.vectorcomp.com Matthew Weinberg

    I had the pleasure to meet Saul in New York. He’s a great guy– congrats again Saul!

  • http://www.freshbooks.com Saul Colt

    My own family doesn’t say things this nice about me.

    Thanks Mike

    (im bushing)

  • http://www.freshbooks.com Saul Colt

    I meant to say blushing but my cell phone had a different plan.

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#aaron Aaron Adams

    I like your cell phone.

    Welcome aboard, Monsieur Colt! Together we can unite against our nemesis, the evil Mr. Shah.

  • http://www.donnavitan.com Donna Vitan

    Hello Saul!
    It’s nice to have you around. Your survey doesn’t freak me out as much now.

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#mike Mike McDerment

    errr uhm…errr…

    [he types…blushing]

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#aaron Aaron Adams

    Yeah, Mike really did write that. We’re all having a tough time believing it too. I guess Saul just brings out the best in people… :)

  • http://www.freshbooks.com Saul Colt

    I’m very inspirational!

  • http://www.whatsizface.com Whatsizface

    Saul has a hood?

    Who knew.

  • http://conniecrosby.blogspot.com Connie Crosby

    Congratulations all around! I’ve been following both Freshbooks and Saul (well, electronically if not in person) and think this is a great fit.


  • Vick

    Is Saul still with Freshbooks? I ask because I don’t see him on the provided link:


  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#mike Mike McDerment

    Saul went on a jouney away from FreshBooks for a time, but we’re pleased to report he’s back and has been for a while now.

    I see that he’s not back on the team – I’ll see that we fix that, thanks for pointing it out!

  • http://www.CreativityAintaSideHustle.com Krishna Darlene @Cre8ivityZealot

    Looking forward to meeting “The Magic” in Los Angeles! After reading your bio — I’m a bit glad I RSVP’d — I heart Biz Creatives #Dope

    BTW — Don’t you luv when cell phones “fix” your lingo and create errors LOL