[Video] Heather Payne talks Ladies (and Gents) Learning Code

Today’s customer portrait introduces you to a talented social entrepreneur whose innovative workshop series is taking Toronto by storm!

Heather Payne is the founder of Ladies Learning Code, a women-run not-for-profit group working to empower folks to feel comfortable learning beginner-friendly technical skills in a social, collaborative way.

Believe it or not LLC was born out of a tweet Heather sent out to the Toronto community to gauge if there was interest in an accessible learning environment to introduce folks to programming! Someone casually suggested the name but it fit the workshops perfectly. LLC now runs multiple events each month on topics ranging from Getting Started with Ruby to how to enhance your personal brand using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

We’re proud to have folks like Heather in the FreshBooks family! Watch the video to hear Heather talk about the life of the entrepreneur, on why Ladies Learning Code isn’t just for ladies, and what it’s like to trust your instincts and see a great idea take flight.

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  • http://about.me/iraszl ivan raszl

    Inspiring video. Thanks!

  • Mr. Brock Peters

    That’s cool to hear. Given that the majority of programmers are guys we are really lacking lots of perspective. Nevertheless, I found in University, while taking several mathematics courses that the majority of students were female and that they have a more pragmatic way to do math. After doing programming for almost 3 years now I instantly thought they could bring their fresh perspective to the programming world too.

    Good to hear.

  • http://crosslandteam.com/blog Steve

    Great concept and a good role model for girls. Tech is so male dominated, especially among coders, it’s good to encourage “ladies” to learn code and find out more about the great careers available to good coders.

  • http://nichm.com Nicholas Montgomery

    Go Heather! Ladies Learning Code is an awesome organization.

  • http://jamesbanks.me James Banks

    It’s great so see someone encouraging more gender diversity in the field. Programming in general needs more groups like these around the world!

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#steve Steve Bujouves

    Great job with this Heather! Really nice to see the difference you are making with this =)

  • http://www.sorbetmedia.co.uk Stephen Irvine

    Love this idea, and great to see some movement towards changing such a male orientated area. There is such a demand for good programming skills in industry so should definitely make a difference.

  • http://www.icetrekkers.co.uk Carl Marsh

    Nice back story and your love of your subject matter really shines through. Heard the word ‘passion’ and it reminded me of Anita Rodick who formed The Body Shop, who I worked for and with. She had a personal mantra ‘passion pursuades’. Sweet, simple & true…good luck in your venture.

  • http://www.andymci.com Andy M.

    Ladies Learning Code is a great program/group. Volunteering as a mentor for the last two WordPress workshops was an absolute thrill… Heather & Co., definitely have a solid idea here, and I’m excited to see things flourish over the coming years.

  • http://ladieslearningcode.com Heather Payne

    Thanks for your kind words, everyone!

  • http://www.portcitytechnology.com Dave Haertel

    Awesome idea, my You Tube channel was my simple way of trying to teach some of the site building techniques that I picked up along the way, but this is an amazing “movement” and very very cool. Rock on Toronto !!