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Visualization: FreshBooks code-base over time

by John Coates | May 4/2011 | code-swarm, code-base, freshbooks, web-app

For more technical insight and API help with FreshBooks, head on over to the FreshBooks Developer blog.

One of our newest developers, Anton, created this amazing visualization (using a code swarm) of how the FreshBooks code-base has changed over time. He found a visual way of representing all the updates to the application over the course of its life to see how it all works in unison. Cool!

If you’re not familiar with a Code Swarm, Anton explains it on the FreshBooks Developer blog:

Code swarms are a fascinating way to visualize the thousands of interactions between a project’s developers and its files. Developers and files are represented as moving elements. So when a developer makes changes to a file, it will briefly light up and fly towards that developer. The code swarm will only show files that have been changed recently and developers who’ve made a recent change. Conversely, when a file or developer has not been active for a while, they will fade away.

PS: FreshBooks is always on the lookout for new talent, come join the team!

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