Visualization: FreshBooks code-base over time

For more technical insight and API help with FreshBooks, head on over to the FreshBooks Developer blog.

One of our newest developers, Anton, created this amazing visualization (using a code swarm) of how the FreshBooks code-base has changed over time. He found a visual way of representing all the updates to the application over the course of its life to see how it all works in unison. Cool!

If you’re not familiar with a Code Swarm, Anton explains it on the FreshBooks Developer blog:

Code swarms are a fascinating way to visualize the thousands of interactions between a project’s developers and its files. Developers and files are represented as moving elements. So when a developer makes changes to a file, it will briefly light up and fly towards that developer. The code swarm will only show files that have been changed recently and developers who’ve made a recent change. Conversely, when a file or developer has not been active for a while, they will fade away.

PS: FreshBooks is always on the lookout for new talent, come join the team!

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  • adbongo monkey

    This is nifty and since Freshbooks is how we conserve time and increase sustainability in our resources, it allows us to enjoy videos like this