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Turn your hours into dollars. Easily track and log your time in FreshBooks to ensure you never miss another billable minute.

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“I’m loving FreshBooks right now. I’ve been tracking all my time and costing our projects to track my #productivity :)”

Anthony Taylor, CEO & Chief Strategist SME Strategy

Log Hours As You Work, From Wherever You Are

From your mobile device or desktop, start the FreshBooks timer to run in the background the moment you start working and you’ll capture all your billable hours in one handy calendar format.

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Automatically Turn Hours Into Invoices

No more ball park estimates, FreshBooks prevents you from ever underbilling. When ready to invoice, FreshBooks will automatically bring hours that haven’t been billed into an invoice in a single click. Simply review and send. Done.

Automatically Turn Hours into Invoices

Get a Visual View of Your Progress

At a glance, FreshBooks will show you the status of all active projects to give you an accurate snapshot of your time. You’ll see how much time you’ve spent on a project compared to your estimated time budget.

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Award-Winning Support to Make Life Easier

Got questions? Go ahead, give our Rockstar Support Team a call—you’ll talk to a real life person who wants to solve whatever pickle you’ve found yourself in. Call back, anytime, too, our help is free!

FreshBooks makes billing painless by helping you create & send invoices, capture expenses, track time and know your numbers.