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Tax Thursdays: How Long Should I Keep My Tax Records?


tax records how long Now that tax season is finally winding down, I bet you’re wondering how long you need to keep your tax records for? While it’s different depending on where you live, here’s the skinny for U.S., Canadian and UK residents: …

Tax Thursdays: Slapped With a Huge Tax Bill? Here’s What to Do


huge tax bill Most people put off filing their taxes to the last minute – not so much out of laziness but out of fear of what’s to come. Small business owners usually have not-so-small tax bills to cover, especially if they don’t prepare …

Tax Thursdays: Filing Late? Here’s What You Need To Know


When you work for yourself as a freelancer or business owner, it’s really easy to procrastinate. You call the shots – you make the schedule – you decide when stuff gets done. As great as that is, it can also come to bite you when …

Tax Thursdays: Get motivated to do your taxes


Motivation taxes The tax deadline is fast approaching, have you done your taxes yet? If you’re anything like me, chances are you need a little pep talk, so here are 5 quick tips to motivate you to complete your taxes: 1. Find out how rich you …

Tax Thursdays: 3 Best Practices to Avoid the Audit


Tax Thursdays Avoid Audit Every business owner dreads receiving that letter with the words “you’ve been selected for an audit.” While it’s true that some audits are random, here are 3 tips you can use to stay in the clear: 1. …

Claiming Customer Gifts: Everything you Need to Know


tax expenses customer gifts If you give your customers gifts throughout the year, you may be able to deduct part of the associated cost. How much can you deduct? You can only deduct $25 per person per tax year. If your gift costs …

Tax Thursdays: Should I Expense That? Marketing Edition


Welcome to our last post in the “Can I expense that” series for Tax Thursdays. Last time we discussed tech expenses, this time it’s all about… Marketing, but what can you expense? Almost anything can be a marketing expense. It’s the thought that …

Tax Thursdays: Can I Expense That? Tech Edition


tech expenses tax thursdays Welcome back to our “Can I expense that” series for Tax Thursdays. Last time we discussed travel expenses, this time it’s all about… Tech expenses – what can you deduct? We no longer live in …

Tax Thursdays: The Top 5 Traits For Your Tax Accountant

Unknown-1 copy 4

Tax Thursdays As a small business owner, your accountant is a crucial piece to your business’ operational puzzle. If you are on the hunt for a tax accountant, you have discovered by now that there is a dizzying array of accountants and firms from which …

Tax Thursdays: 3 Reasons Not To Do Your Taxes Yourself


Turbo Tax and TaxAct, the two market leaders in Do It Yourself (DIY) tax software make up 78% of the DIY tax preparation market.  A market that grew 11% in 2012. Obviously a growing number of people are choosing to prepare their own …

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