Meet The FreshBooks Team

Executive Team

Mike McDerment
Mike McDerment CEO (Co-Founder)

Mike McDerment is the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, planet earth’s #1 cloud accounting solution designed for small business owners. In 2003, Mike built FreshBooks for his design firm, scratched his own itch, then moved into his parent’s basement for 3.5 years to get FreshBooks off the ground. Since then over 5,000,000 people have used FreshBooks to save time billing and collect billions of dollars. Mike and his team dedicate themselves to executing extraordinary experiences everyday for small business owners who want to focus on the work they love, instead of on their paperwork.

Levi Cooperman
Levi Cooperman VP Operations (Co-Founder)

Levi is a professional engineer with a BEng from the University of Victoria. Before joining FreshBooks, Levi managed projects at Apex Systems Integrators Inc., where his clients included Canadian Tire, Nestlé, and Parmalat. Levi is a systems integration specialist and has led multi-platform integrations with technologies such as: Oracle, SAP, .NET, Windows CE and Pocket PC. An ultimate frisbee, volleyball and basketball player, we suspect he may have stuffed toy dinosaurs hidden in his condo, such is the level of his support for the Toronto Raptors.

Warren Faleiro
Warren Faleiro Chief Technology Officer

Warren leads the product development team at FreshBooks and is responsible for making the platform and team efficient, scalable, and always improving. He loves it when we ship code and since joining FreshBooks he’s helped the team re-organize and focus on solving big technical challenges through collaboration, experimentation, and process improvement. Warren is known for his passion for craft beers, Bungee Runs and wearing flannel whenever appropriate (most days).

Shawn Cadeau
Shawn Cadeau Chief Marketing Officer

Shawn is a marketing guy that has a passion for digital campaigns, branding and metrics. He’s a creative, compassionate, high achiever that’s always looking for innovative ways to solve problems. When Shawn is not thinking about marketing he has a passion for sports, movies, cars and technology that is only overshadowed by his love of spending time with his wife and daughter. He has a dog who won’t be permitted in the office due to his penchant for howling and stealing food. Shawn joined FreshBooks to kick our marketing into high gear as we continue to spread the word to small businesses around the world. Shawn is a veteran software company leader with years of experience defining and implementing marketing strategies for companies like Corel and Adobe. Prior to joining FreshBooks Shawn was the SVP of global marketing at Corel for 7 years.

Mark Girvan
Mark Girvan VP, Sales & Business Development

Mark is a general management executive with a track record of delivering significant growth in new business markets. He prides himself on being a results-oriented leader who focuses on operational excellence through developing teams and motivating change across functional groups. Outside of work, Mark’s passions include his family, canoeing tripping, a weekly attempt to reclaim past hockey glory and his yearly pilgrimages south of the border to watch the greatest sport on earth—NCAA basketball. At FreshBooks, Mark leads the efforts to grow our community of loyal micro-business customers.

Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker VP, Strategic Planning

Once referred to as “Matty Fresh,” Matt is a reformed management consultant and a Xoogler. Matt joined FreshBooks to help build a strategy function from the ground up. He’s a calming influence on others, a natural team builder, and drawn to root cause problem solving. In addition to general sports enthusiasm, Matt is a reader of science fiction and a fan of ice cream.

Michael Washinushi
Michael Washinushi Chief Financial Officer

Consummate finance guy at work and home. I enjoy building back of the napkin financial models or spreadsheets on everything. Life outside of excel consists of family with a great wife and two energetic kids, travel, cycling, skiing and jogging. Striving towards objectives, teamwork, having fun and lots of informal / formal communication is part of my daily regimen.


Joe Sawada Joe Sawada
Jeff Sarmiento Jeff Sarmiento
Daniel Tsang Daniel Tsang
Rich Lafferty Rich Lafferty
Grace Antonio Grace Antonio
Asmita Nurmohamed Asmita Nurmohamed
Momchil Nikolov Momchil Nikolov
Tim Lee Tim Lee
Beatriz Yanez Beatriz Yanez
Mark Story Mark Story
Kiet Tran Kiet Tran
Steve Bujouves Steve Bujouves
Richard Kwok Richard Kwok
Jeremy Bailey Jeremy Bailey
Emmanuel Emmanuel "Mio" Ricafort
Tim Chan Tim Chan
Avrum Laurie Avrum Laurie
Anton Nguyen Anton Nguyen
Jason Shaw Jason Shaw
Theresa Lee Theresa Lee
Vonnell Law Vonnell Law
Fabiola Torres Fabiola Torres
Natalia Romanova Natalia Romanova
Melina Stathopoulos Melina Stathopoulos
Sandy Lai Sandy Lai
Shaun Kaasten Shaun Kaasten
Jeff Busby Jeff Busby
Wyatt Carss Wyatt Carss
Dustin Meneses Dustin Meneses
Craig Wilson Craig Wilson
Wayne Woo Wayne Woo
Steve Munday Steve Munday
Robert Guenette Robert Guenette
Jesse Read Jesse Read
Lindsay Lapchuk Lindsay Lapchuk
Meryl Manning Meryl Manning
Alex Cowan Alex Cowan
Aaron Wright Aaron Wright
Danni Li Danni Li
Joele Ferreira Joele Ferreira
Natasha Ostrovski Natasha Ostrovski
Andre Rajfura Andre Rajfura
Zach Mathew Zach Mathew
Ailsa Blair Ailsa Blair
Chris Richard Chris Richard
Sherwyn Pena Sherwyn Pena
Maxim Van Lyl Maxim Van Lyl
Justin Bull Justin Bull
Duncan Ward Duncan Ward
Thais Amaral Thais Amaral
Chris Conway Chris Conway
Rich Dang Rich Dang
Ian Reid Ian Reid
Christopher Troup Christopher Troup
Brandon Kollar Brandon Kollar
Amanda Levine Amanda Levine
Sara Cooper Sara Cooper
Boris Petrov Boris Petrov
Sean Wilson Sean Wilson
Ryan Walberg Ryan Walberg
Heather Sande Heather Sande
Rich Burr Rich Burr
Laura Richards Laura Richards
Robb Eng Robb Eng
Michael Hollis Michael Hollis
Erin Smith Erin Smith
Leena Mansour Leena Mansour
Alan Nowogrodski Alan Nowogrodski
Phil Decelis Phil Decelis
Byron Wolfman Byron Wolfman
Laurie McGregor Laurie McGregor
Scott Clugston Scott Clugston
Bruce Burgess Bruce Burgess
Jameson Reed Jameson Reed
Colton Downs Colton Downs
Adam Davidson Adam Davidson
Ania Halliop Ania Halliop
Kevan Fisher Kevan Fisher
Mudita Shekhawat Mudita Shekhawat
Stephen Crane Stephen Crane
Lindsay Rothman Lindsay Rothman
Sabeer Zaman Sabeer Zaman
Jesse Taylor Jesse Taylor
Calvin Lough Calvin Lough
Winston Fong Winston Fong
Rishi Sharma Rishi Sharma
Marcus Wolfhagen Marcus Wolfhagen
Josh Brinksman Josh Brinksman
Clare Curtis Clare Curtis
Nik Mehrotra Nik Mehrotra
Colin Hutzan Colin Hutzan
Jackie Siemon Jackie Siemon
Kiley Meehan Kiley Meehan
Katie Hinks Katie Hinks
Hannele Kormano Hannele Kormano
Dionne Schmidt Dionne Schmidt
Nathan Shaughnessy Nathan Shaughnessy
Tony Ho Tony Ho
Carly Moulton Carly Moulton
Nigel Small Nigel Small
Nora Beatty Nora Beatty
Grace Vilas-Ramalhal Grace Vilas-Ramalhal
Monica Biesok Monica Biesok
Ryan Henry Ryan Henry
Patricia Coathup Patricia Coathup
Tobi Ogunbiyi Tobi Ogunbiyi
Alex Vermeulen Alex Vermeulen
Cameron Moore Cameron Moore
Geoffrey Oakham Geoffrey Oakham
Andrew McIntosh Andrew McIntosh
Mark Rabo Mark Rabo
Jeff Sawatzky Jeff Sawatzky
Jessica Barker Jessica Barker
Alison Munn Garcia Alison Munn Garcia
Saadat Qadri Saadat Qadri
Maureen Gartner Maureen Gartner
Chad Gibson Chad Gibson
Ritva Nosov Ritva Nosov
Richard Tuazon Richard Tuazon
Ike Dimobi Ike Dimobi
Vern Wittal Vern Wittal
Paco Arizmendi Paco Arizmendi
Veronica Pineda Veronica Pineda
Anurag Chaudhury Anurag Chaudhury
Dominic Dowson Dominic Dowson
Tobi Abiodun Tobi Abiodun
Deanna McCaw Deanna McCaw
Bogdan Lisiecki Bogdan Lisiecki
Remy Samanski Remy Samanski
Charles Cheung Charles Cheung
Lisa Seelye Lisa Seelye
George Kyriakis George Kyriakis
Alexander Taggart Alexander Taggart
Jeff Kraemer Jeff Kraemer
Neil Anderson Neil Anderson
Nicole Murphy Nicole Murphy
Anandh Sridharan Anandh Sridharan
Murray Rush Murray Rush
Dharmesh Dhakan Dharmesh Dhakan
Nikin Nagewadia Nikin Nagewadia
Erynn Bockler Erynn Bockler
Kevin Yuen Kevin Yuen
Pawel Chomicki Pawel Chomicki
Etienne St. Martin Etienne St. Martin
Emily Liu Emily Liu
Eric Puigmarti Eric Puigmarti
Tara Grundmanis Tara Grundmanis
Joshua Hansen Joshua Hansen
Loretta Lee Loretta Lee
Joel Langlois Joel Langlois
Kae Natividad Kae Natividad
Blake Crosby Blake Crosby
Grace Xu Grace Xu
Mark Estrellas Mark Estrellas
Daniel Hicks Daniel Hicks
Shaun Metcalfe Shaun Metcalfe
Andrew Xu Andrew Xu
Kristy Schweizer Kristy Schweizer
Ankush Gupta Ankush Gupta
Elvin Kao Elvin Kao
Juan Mendez Juan Mendez
Simran Singh Simran Singh
Justin Wasser Justin Wasser
Matthew Shachar Matthew Shachar
Michelle Williams Michelle Williams
Thuy Vu Thuy Vu
Jessie Bonisteel Jessie Bonisteel
Paola Maciel Paola Maciel
Belinda Sipcic Belinda Sipcic
Caitlin van der Maas Caitlin van der Maas
Francis Muli Francis Muli
Adam Carney Adam Carney
Pete Pender Pete Pender
Shouvik Roy Shouvik Roy
Hunter Yager Hunter Yager
Keith Dell Keith Dell
Paul Lam Paul Lam
Sally Abdelnabi Sally Abdelnabi
Geoff MacDougall Geoff MacDougall
Matt Kaczorowski Matt Kaczorowski
Billy Terry Billy Terry
Terry Thrasher Terry Thrasher
Alex Ivanovic Alex Ivanovic
Marc Mazer Marc Mazer
Ryan Jones Ryan Jones
Brooke Wayne Brooke Wayne
Gabriel Laliberte Gabriel Laliberte
Rena Fitzgerald Rena Fitzgerald
Doug Lawson Doug Lawson
Ian Marcinkowski Ian Marcinkowski
Victor To Victor To
Wendy Ng Wendy Ng
Adan Aviles Adan Aviles
Dan Hulton Dan Hulton
Derek Hallward Derek Hallward
Jenevive Grogan Jenevive Grogan
Milan Zelcevic Milan Zelcevic
Shannon Murphy Shannon Murphy
David Cosgrave David Cosgrave
Gigi Inara Gigi Inara
Justin Richardson Justin Richardson
Rachel Guloien Rachel Guloien
Jill San Luis Jill San Luis
Alida Abzhanova Alida Abzhanova
KJ Lee KJ Lee
George Taleporos George Taleporos
Gareh Murray Johnson Gareh Murray Johnson
Ryen Martel Ryen Martel
Marshall Johnston Marshall Johnston
Jane Flanagan Jane Flanagan
Laurie Bondy Laurie Bondy
Bob Przybyla Bob Przybyla
Marino Poletine Marino Poletine
Nicholas Badder Nicholas Badder
Emily Munro Emily Munro
Luis Gonzalez Luis Gonzalez
Timur Gladkikh Timur Gladkikh
Teri Vlassopoulos Teri Vlassopoulos
Irfaan Manji Irfaan Manji
Gwen Myall Gwen Myall
Tanzi Rahman Tanzi Rahman
Elyssa Sugar Elyssa Sugar
Scott Beaty Scott Beaty
Paul Rizk Paul Rizk
Brigid Dion Brigid Dion
Ben Feder Ben Feder
Dale Gago Dale Gago
Derek Gour Derek Gour
John Campana John Campana
Megan Santos Megan Santos
Andrew Harker Andrew Harker
Kevin Carmona-Murphy Kevin Carmona-Murphy
Kathleen Chung Kathleen Chung
Winifred Heung Winifred Heung
Katie Davis Katie Davis
Val Dodge Val Dodge
Nicole Haer Nicole Haer
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