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Gusto Payroll Software

Payroll, benefits and compliance in one integrated product.


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Gusto Payroll Software

by Gusto

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About Gusto Payroll Software

Gusto is fundamentally changing how the world works by empowering everyone to put people first. Gusto reimagines payroll, benefits, HR, and personal finance by automating the most complicated, impersonal business tasks and making them simple and delightful. Here are just some of the ways Gusto’s payroll software simplifies all of the tedious tasks that come along with growing your team:

  • Payroll can be set to run on a recurring pay schedule that suits your needs
  • Local, state and federal payroll taxes are automatically calculated, paid and filed for you
  • Employees get their own login so they can onboard themselves, access paystubs, W-2’s, 1099’s and more

How it Works with FreshBooks

FreshBooks and Gusto work together to make managing your books even easier. Every time you run payroll in Gusto, your payroll transactions automatically sync to FreshBooks and appear as categorized expenses, so you'll never have to make manual entries again!

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for a free 1 month trial of Gusto
  2. From your dashboard in your Gusto account click on the System Settings tab
  3. Under Software Integrations, click on Add New Integration
  4. Choose FreshBooks and choose "my.freshbooks.com"
  5. Enter your credentials to get connected and authorize Gusto to access your FreshBooks account
  6. Set up your Chart of Accounts using either the basic or advanced method
  7. Choose to sync automatically or manually after each payroll run

Mapping your chart of accounts

In order for your payroll transactions to successfully be labeled in FreshBooks, you'll need to set up your chart of accounts. To do this simply label each payroll item by matching it with the relevant account name and number from your FreshBooks account. Employee tax liability is included in the wage expense while employer tax liability is sent as a separate expense item.

Note: Manually written checks will need to be posted to the bill for each employee in FreshBooks. Gusto will treat direct deposit and manual check net pays as one total amount when they are synced.