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ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation, email marketing, and sales CRM platform.
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ActiveCampaign - Classic screenshot ActiveCampaign - Classic screenshot ActiveCampaign - Classic screenshot

ActiveCampaign gives you the tools you need to create more effective marketing. You can send fewer emails yet get a better response using intelligence-driven campaigns and marketing automation.

Emails triggered by contact behavior, emails that are customized to reflect the interests of individual contacts, and marketing that adapts to your contact throughout the customer lifecycle are all possible with an integrated, dynamic marketing automation platform like ActiveCampaign.

How it Works with FreshBooks

Our integration allows you to automatically import your Freshbooks client information into ActiveCampaign as Contacts. Each time you create a new client in FreshBooks, a new contact record will be created for them in ActiveCampaign.

Once that Contact record is in ActiveCampaign, you can begin automated follow-up and marketing sequences to improve your relationship with them, encourage repeat business, and keep them up-to-date.

How to Get Started

  1. Visit the ActiveCampaign website to sign up for a free trial
  2. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account
  3. Go to Contacts > Import
  4. Choose “FreshBooks” from the apps listed under the heading “Connect with other services to have new contacts added automatically”
  5. Enter your FreshBooks subdomain and click “Authorize”
  6. Confirm that ActiveCampaign can access your FreshBooks account
  7. Click next to select what data you wish to import
  8. Your clients are now imported into ActiveCampaign


Looking for help? Contact ActiveCampaign for support.

Have an app you think would work well with FreshBooks? Get in touch with us or check out our API documentation.