Automatic - Classic

by Automatic Labs, Inc.
Automatic remembers where you parked, decodes your engine light, and displays trip history.
Supports: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Availability: U.S Only
Pricing: Free | See all plans
Automatic - Classic screenshot Automatic - Classic screenshot Automatic - Classic screenshot

Automatic is packed with features every driver should have. The Connected Car adapter plugs into the same port your mechanic uses to check your car’s engine health (the OBD-II or “diagnostic” port). It pairs with your smartphone to capture engine and drive data (like mileage) over a securely encrypted, wireless Bluetooth connection.

  • Automatic diagnoses your check engine light with easy-to-understand descriptions of what’s wrong. Clear the light right from the app if it’s something you can fix yourself, like a loose gas cap. If it’s serious, a listing of well-reviewed mechanics is just a tap away.

  • To help you save money on gas, the adapter’s built-in speaker can remind you to drive more smoothly and efficiently. Audio alerts signal when to ease off the gas and brake pedals.

  • Automatic always remembers where you parked so you don’t have to. See a parking map in the Automatic mobile app or on your wrist with Apple Watch or Pebble.

  • If you’re ever in a serious crash, we’ll be there for you. If Automatic detects a severe collision, a professional agent will call to assist you, alert local emergency services, and inform your loved ones.

How it Works with FreshBooks

By connecting your Automatic account to FreshBooks, you can easily add work mileage and travel expenses to your invoices so you get paid for your whole visit and related errands, not just the time you spend on-site.

  • Push trips to FreshBooks from the integration page on your phone or desktop computer. We recommend bookmarking the page so you can return easily every time you need to expense a trip.

  • Each expense will include your mileage, route map, start/end address, and even a visual receipt!

How to Get Started

  1. Order an Automatic adapter here
  2. Download the Automatic app for iOS or Android
  3. Follow the app instructions to install the adapter and create an Automatic account
  4. Connect and authorize your Automatic and Freshbooks accounts here
  5. Enjoy Automatic expensing with Freshbooks!


Looking for help? Contact Automatic Labs, Inc. for support.

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