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by MileIQ
Say goodbye to the headache of manually logging every trip.
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The IRS allows you to deduct $0.54 for every business mile you drive in 2016, and the average MileIQ customer deducts more than $6,500 per year. MileIQ automatically logs your drives and calculates their value so you get the reimbursement or deduction you deserve, with a minimum amount of effort.


Automatic drive detection makes it easy to capture every mile you drive. Say goodbye to the headache of manually logging every trip. Goodbye to the heartache of leaving dollars on the table when you forget. Hello to the ease of automatic mileage tracking.


Give your drives a purpose; a swipe is all it takes. Mark them as business, personal, medical, charity or any custom category you wish. Log any additional details you need for reporting mileage expenses to your employer or deducting mileage on your tax return.


No set-up is needed to start enjoying the magic of automatic mileage tracking. When you’re ready to personalize, you can set your preferences, add the vehicles, purposes and locations that define your driving and let MileIQ cater to your needs.


MileIQ automatically calculates the value of your drives, and at 54 cents/mile — the 2016 IRS standard mileage rate — it adds up FAST. You’ll have your complete drive history stored securely in the cloud, making it easy to provide detailed mileage logs any time to your accountant and, even the IRS.

How it Works with FreshBooks

Easily send mileage expenses from MileIQ to FreshBooks so they're included in your business expense reports.

How to Get Started

  1. Download MileIQ to your iPhone or Android and sign up for an account.
  2. Sign in to your MileIQ account by clicking here (Use the same email and password you use with the MileIQ app.)
  3. Select a drive you want to submit to FreshBooks.
  4. Click the green "Report" button on the right. (Note that drives must be classified before they can be reported).
  5. Choose FreshBooks from the list of "Send as" options.
  6. Enter your FreshBooks sub-domain ( and click "Authorize FreshBooks". You will be asked to sign in to your FreshBooks account.
  7. Click the "Allow Access" button.

You'll know your accounts have been successfully connected when the clients and projects you've set up in FreshBooks appear as drop-down choices on the reporting screen in MileIQ. After you set up this link the first time, you'll be able to submit mileage expenses from MileIQ to FreshBooks without having to re-establish the connection.


Looking for help? Contact MileIQ for support.

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