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Automatically sync your FreshBooks invoices & expenses with QuickBooks Online or Xero
Supports: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
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OneSaas automatically syncs FreshBooks data with accounting so you can save time and eliminate human errors. Never enter invoice, payment, client, product, and vendor information twice.

“Saves Me Time And Money. We’ve been using the OneSaas integration solution with our Freshbooks account for a while now and since then it has cut down on the amount of work our accountant has to do saving us money. We no longer have to input our invoices twice (once into Freshbooks and then again into QuickBooks) and payments in Freshbooks are also sent to our QuickBooks system easing the reconciliation on the accounting end. Support has been quick as well if any issue arises. I highly recommend this integration solution.” – MacMedicts, Toronto, Canada

How it Works with FreshBooks

Connect other services you use to run your business, including e-commerce, fulfillment, shipping, inventory, CRM and email marketing.

When you connect FreshBooks with accounting such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB, Sage One, or Saasu, you business data will automatically sync:

When an invoice is created in FreshBooks, the following will occur in accounting:

  • The invoice will be created with the payment status
  • Associate sale with the customer
  • Create the associated product
  • Authorize the invoice and add associated payment

When an expense is created in FreshBooks, the following will occur in accounting:

  • A purchase invoice will be created
  • The vendor will be created

When a sales invoice is created in accounting, the following will occur in FreshBooks:

  • An invoice will be created
  • The associated product will be created
  • The associated payment will be created

For all products created or updated accounting

  • The item will be created in FreshBooks

How to Get Started

  1. Create a free trial account with OneSaas
  2. Connect FreshBooks and enter your FreshBooks Domain
  3. Add one or more app you want FreshBooks to connect with
  4. Configure by selecting the data you want to send from one app to another
  5. Preview, send data and finish


Looking for help? Contact OneSaas for support.

Have an app you think would work well with FreshBooks? Get in touch with us or check out our API documentation.