PaymentEvolution Payroll - Classic

by PaymentEvolution
Canada's most loved payroll and payments service.
Supports: Windows, Mac
Availability: Canada only
Pricing: Paid | See all plans
PaymentEvolution Payroll - Classic screenshot PaymentEvolution Payroll - Classic screenshot PaymentEvolution Payroll - Classic screenshot

PaymentEvolution Payroll provides robust payroll and payment processing. By connecting PaymentEvolution and FreshBooks you’ll be able to effectively pay your staff for the hours they work, better keep track of payroll payments, remittances and other employee benefit obligations.

How it Works with FreshBooks

FreshBooks and PaymentEvolution Payroll now provide you with an easy, integrated way to manage your staff's time and payroll processing. Together, you can accurately record the time your employees work, process their payroll and record these expenses in FreshBooks.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for a free PaymentEvolution account
  2. Log in to your account and go to “Settings” and then “Add-Ons”. Find FreshBooks and click “Enable”.
  3. Enter your FreshBooks subdomain and click “Save”.
  4. Enter your FreshBook credentials to give PaymentEvolution access to your FreshBooks account.
  5. Once authenticated, you’ll be taken back to your payroll profile where you can map your FreshBooks expenses to your payroll.
  6. Select “Continue Setup” and you’ll see a list of the payroll expense descriptions and a list of your FreshBooks expense codes. Use the drop down boxes to match your FreshBooks expense category with the PaymentEvolution description. Click “Save” when finished.
  7. That’s it! Your accounts have been connected. You can now easily import your time entries from FreshBooks into PaymentEvolution for payroll processing as well as export expenses back to FreshBooks.

Note: In order to integrate with FreshBooks and other add-ons, you must have a paid PaymentEvolution plan.


Looking for help? Contact PaymentEvolution for support.

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