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Toggl – Classic

by Toggl
The leading online time tracking tool.

Supports: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Pricing: Free | Trial | Paid | See all plans

Toggl - Classic screenshot Toggl - Classic screenshot
The leading online time tracking tool.
The leading online time tracking tool.

Toggl is the leading online time tracking tool, which is extremely popular among freelancers, consultants, and small companies.

  • It allows users to track the time spent on various projects and analyze productivity.
  • It’s cloud-based and can be up and running from scratch in less than a minute
  • Use Toggl on the web, as a desktop widget or on your mobile – all your data gets synced in real time

How it Works with FreshBooks

The integration imports your FreshBooks clients, projects and tasks into Toggl and exports time entries. Once you’ve integrated Toggl with Freshbooks, you can easily create invoices and bill your clients or employers for all your hard work.

  • FreshBooks clients will be imported as Toggl users. When importing users, you’re able to select exactly which users you wish to import. Existing users are matched by e-mail, where as new users will be imported as “deactivated” users, that can be activated on the Team page.
  • FreshBooks projects will be imported as Toggl projects. Existing projects are matched by name.
  • FreshBooks tasks will be imported as Toggl tasks. Existing tasks are matched by name. By importing tasks, the project under which the task is attached, will be imported as well.
  • Toggle time entries will be exported to FreshBooks as time entries*

*Please note that only time entries that are assigned to FreshBooks tasks and users will be exported to your FreshBooks timesheet. Additionally, all time entries need to be set as billable in order to be exported.

How to Get Started

  1. Go to Toggl and sign up for an account
  2. To set up the FreshBooks data sync, log in to the Toggl Import page
  3. To start setting up the sync, click on the green “Enable” button and enter your FreshBooks account name
  4. This will direct you to a FreshBooks page, where you need to give Toggl access to your account
  5. After granting access, you’ll be directed back to the Import page and you can start using the integration!


Looking for help? Contact Toggl for support.

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