You Don't Need a CRM! - Classic

by Yoolink
Track and close more deals without spending hours filling out forms.
Supports: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
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You Don't Need a CRM! - Classic screenshot You Don't Need a CRM! - Classic screenshot You Don't Need a CRM! - Classic screenshot

You Don’t Need a CRM! helps sales reps, independent workers, and freelancers close their deals faster without wasting time on administrative tasks. Create new leads from a spreadsheet, a business card, a contact form or even an e-mail discussion in a matter of seconds.

The application can easily be customized to match your sales process. You can define your own commercial steps and categorize your leads. Each lead always has a follow-up action defined that can be seamlessly synchronized with any calendars. The result is that every day you know exactly which deal to work on and have access to a complete history of previous exchanges.

Thanks to You Don’t Need a CRM! you never forget about a lead and you convert more prospects into customers.

How it Works with FreshBooks

By connecting You Don’t Need a CRM! with your FreshBooks account, you can manage the full customer lifecycle from first contact through to sending an invoice. From any lead you'll be able to create a FreshBooks estimate, and you'll be able to link FreshBooks estimates or invoices to your leads. Once linked, if an estimate is accepted by a client, the corresponding lead is automatically set to ‘Won” and subsequent invoices will be attached to the lead.

How to Get Started

  1. Create a free trial account by visiting the You Don’t Need a CRM website
  2. Log in to your account and click on the ‘Admin’ tab in the left nav
  3. Under the ‘Connect’ section, click on FreshBooks
  4. Copy and paste your FreshBooks subdomain and click to connect
  5. When prompted, enter your FreshBooks credentials and click to allow access
  6. Once you’ve connected, ‘Create a FreshBooks estimate’ will appear under the Actions menu for each lead


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