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Zapier – Classic

by Zapier
Connect FreshBooks with over 500 other popular web apps.

Supports: Mac, iOS, Android
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Zapier - Classic screenshot Zapier - Classic screenshot Zapier - Classic screenshot
Connect FreshBooks with over 500 other popular web apps.
Connect FreshBooks with over 500 other popular web apps.
Connect FreshBooks with over 500 other popular web apps.

Whether it’s your CRM, email marketing tool, project management tool or even just a spreadsheet, Zapier can help you connect all the tools you use on a daily basis.

Zapier brings internet super powers to FreshBooks by empowering you to connect FreshBooks with 500+ other popular web services. With the help of Zapier, you can connect FreshBooks with popular web apps like Google Contacts, Slack, Quickbooks Online, Batchbook and hundreds more.

How it Works with FreshBooks

Using triggers and actions you can setup Zaps (a connector between two services) to automate tedious tasks between FreshBooks and other tools. You can also setup Multi-Step Zaps, which is a combination of Zaps that can be connected as a single workflow. Multi-Step Zaps also supports Search, where you can automatically review data in your FreshBooks account to avoid creating duplicate data, like two of the same clients.

Add new FreshBooks invoices to QuickBooks as new invoices
Copy new Freshbooks clients to Quickbooks as customers
Save New Freshbooks Clients to a MailChimp Client List
Add new Stripe charges to FreshBooks as new paid invoices
Get notified about new FreshBooks payments on Slack
Add new FreshBooks invoices to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

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How to Get Started

Simply tell Zapier which tools you’d like to connect with FreshBooks and in 5 minutes you’ll be able to automate tedious tasks that are traditional done via
copy and paste or import and export.

  1. Go to the Zapier website
  2. Click on the Get Started button and create an account
  3. When prompted to select the apps you use, search and select FreshBooks and any other apps you use, then click ‘Continue’
  4. Click on the FreshBooks leaf to see all the populars zaps between FreshBooks and the other apps you use
  5. Once you make your selection, you’ll need to enter your FreshBooks subdomain and Authentication Token to connect


Looking for help? Contact Zapier for support.

Have an app you think would work well with FreshBooks? Get in touch with us or check out our API documentation.