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Discover why millions of service-based small business owners use FreshBooks to bill for their time and expertise.

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  • Easy to Use

    FreshBooks is simple and intuitive, so accounting isn’t intimidating. Plus you can talk to a real, live person anytime, 8am-8pm EDT, Monday to Friday.

  • Work Anywhere

    With FreshBooks, your business is accessible from any device (desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android), and your data is always backed up and secure.

  • Get Organized

    FreshBooks is built for small business owners to get organized and get paid. You’ll be tracking time, logging expenses and invoicing your clients in no time.

  • Save Time Billing

    FreshBooks customers spend less time on paperwork, freeing up 2 days рег month to focus on the work they love. What would you do with that extra time?

  • Get Paid Faster

    With FreshBooks, you can easily invoice clients from your desk or on the go. In fact, FreshBooks customers are paid an average of 5 days faster.

  • Grow Your Business

    FreshBooks is built to support the needs of growing businesses. On average, FreshBooks customers double their revenue in the first 24 months. Woot!

FreshBooks not only makes me look professional, it saves me a huge amount of time.
FreshBooks is incredibly intuitive to use, and saves me five to ten hours every week.
I get paid three times faster using FreshBooks, and would recommend it to any small business owner.
FreshBooks makes invoicing my clients easy and my business look more professional.
I seriously don’t get excited about accounting, but I love FreshBooks. I love setting up recurring hosting invoices.
  • “FreshBooks is the best”

  • “Incredibly user friendly”

  • “Refreshingly straightforward”

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