10 essential items to do business at the beach

Those rumors you heard are true.  It IS possible and no, you’re not dreaming. Working while you’re away on vacation (and getting paid) is doable, with the right set of tools. Here are 10 items we think you can’t do without when doing a little business at the beach.

10 beach essentials#1. Keyboard cover
Keeping keys and the tiny crevices of your keyboard sand-free is number one for a reason – the last thing you want are particles messing with your computer’s insides.

#2. Solar powered iPod speakers
Personal solar powered technology is this summer’s hot-ticket buy, a must for work or play in the sun.

#3. Beach umbrella
Look for one that’s sturdy and can stand wind, high heat and being shuffled around on public transport; also, make sure your umbrella is airport-approved!

#4. Otterbox iPhone/iPod case
Consider this a small investment in the safety of your iPhone – the case acts like a barrier against falls, particles (like sand) and also helps improve sound quality of your conversations.

#5. USB Flash Drives
With 1 terabyte of space, there’s little chance you’ll run out of room to store even the biggest projects and files. Created by designer Neil Poulton, this jazzy-looking USB 2.0 drive (works with both Windows PCs and Macs) is super fast with 3GB/second read speeds.

#6. Sunglasses
Look for an “anti-glare” style of shades like this slick pair from Glarewear – made especially for working on your laptop outdoors.

#7. Luxury portable “desk” chair
Consider this your desk chair away from home. Look for lumbar support and comfort, especially if you plan to work for long periods of time (a range of options were reviewed by Slate)

#8. Insulated cooler bag
Pack water, fresh fruit juice and snacks. Even keep your sunblock cool in here instead of leaving it out in the sun.

#9. Solar powered battery charger
It’s the thing you didn’t you know needed…until you needed it. Charge personal electronics like laptops and cell phones on the fly and keep working while on the move or parked on the shore.

#10. Oregon scientific personal UV monitor
Take the guesswork out of UV worry and test UV radiation in your immediate area; this handy tool then alerts you to how long it’s safe to stay exposed to the sun.

Let us know if you bring your work to the beach – who wouldn’t want to send some invoices while catching some extra rays?

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