10 Ways FreshBooks Brought Home the Bacon at SXSW Interactive 2010

March 24, 2010

FreshBooks once again made it down to SXSW Interactive, the Web industry’s biggest party. This year we were told to expect 12,000 attendees, which is a huge number of people to add to our dance card. We were faced with two choices: 24 hour dance marathon or think of creative ways to bring the FreshBooks fun to Austin.

Here’s a run down of 10 ways we rocked SXSW this year. If you liked this, you can also see what FreshBooks did at SXSW Interactive 2008.

1. FreshBooks Supper Club

A lot of people just go to SXSW and never go out to meet the good people of Austin, which is a shame, since Austin is awesome. We flew down early this year to party with the local crowd.

We kicked things off with a good ol’ Texan FreshBooks Supper Club. We took 75 FreshBooks local customers and their friends out to Stubb’s BBQ for a delicious meaty meal. It’s always a good thing to meet your customers, but it’s a great thing when there’s BBQ involved!

2. How to build a web app workshop

Our intrepid CEO, Mike McDerment, also presented his famous How to Build a Web App Workshop hosted at the ever gracious Texas Coworking Space.

It’s not too late if you want us to take the workshop to your town. Vote here and tell us where we should go next!

3. Bringing home the bacon

If you were wandering outside at lunch, you probably walked past the delicious smell of the FreshBooks bacon stand. We were cooking and handing out FREE bacon.

As Shawn Morton said, “Swag of the year goes to FreshBooks for handing out hot bacon outside the ACC.”

Photo credit: John Biehler

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Photo credits: Eric Marden, A.J. Lawrence, Melinda Green, Debbie Weil, Daryl Ohrt of Brand Flakes for Breakfast

4. Speaking at SXSW

We were honoured to be chosen to speak at SXSW this year. Thanks to everyone who voted for us! Our CEO, Mike McDerment, joined Kevin Hale of Wufoo, Victoria Ransom of Wildfire, and Ben Tilly now of Google to talk to us about Experimental Design: Your User Interface Is Your Laboratory; and our Support Rockstar, Grace Antonio, led a core conversation on How to Be a Customer Support Rock Star.

5. Loot bags!

FreshBooks loot bag We wanted to thank people for attending our talks at SXSW, so we gave out hundreds of loot bags!

There was sugar, a balloon, more sugar, a toy, and more sugar! Who could ask for anything more?

6. Small business, big party

Small Business, Big Party

Along with 13 of our partners in the The Small Business Web, we threw a rockin’ good party on Saturday. We counted nearly a thousand people there interested in how to better use Software as a Service to run their small businesses.

Sunir Shah from FreshBooks and Michelle Riggen-Ransom from BatchBlue present Brandon Dunlap award for the most integrated customer in the Small Business Web At the party we presented an award to Brandon Dunlap, managing director of BrightFly, for being the Small Business Web’s most integrated customer. He uses several of our applications to run his small business and is a shining example of where the future lies for small business software. Plus, he looks hot in a kilt! (photo credit: BatchBlue)

7. FreshBooks Paparazzi

If you were out at night during SXSW looking for a good party, chances are you met our FreshBooks Paparazzi who were on the lookout for celebrities. We captured nearly 1500 SXSW attendees whoopin’ it up with Fabio, Marilyn Monroe, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus. Well, at least cardboard cutouts of them.

If you want to see what the otherwise staid and serious crowd at SXSW Interactive looked like as the night and the bar bill wears on, check out our FreshBooks SXSW2010 Flickr pool.

8. Shaking hands

FreshBooks business cards with caricatures When you meet thousands of people at SXSW, it’s important to have a memorable business card. That’s why we totally channel our inner real estate agents and put our pictures on our business cards. I even have a picture of me giving you my business card so you can cherish the moment forever!

9. Looking professional!

FreshBooks tie t-shirt We’re very professional at FreshBooks, which is why we take our appearance very seriously. We insist everyone at FreshBooks wears a necktie. You might have seen one of us wearing one around the conference.

Photo credit: Urlesque

10. One good deed deserves a payment!

FreshBooks One Good Deed Invoice We weren’t doing all these crazy things just for fun. We did it for money! Since FreshBooks is the leader in online invoicing, we invoiced everyone we did a good deed for.

(We didn’t really charge people a dollar!)

And that’s how we had a good time at SXSW. What was your best memory of SXSW Interactive?

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