3 Pieces of Sales Advice to Get Simple Decisions Made Faster

January 5, 2011

Ever wonder how you can get simple decisions made faster by friends, colleagues and even strangers? Some simple sales advice will help. You’ll quickly see by using them yourself or just observe others using them. Always limit the available choice, don’t say “to be honest”, and ask directly.

Limit choices

Say you’re having a few people over for dinner. You’ve decided to order in food or go out. You ask “What kind of food do you want to eat?” You may get a response or two, but it’ll be a lot of “whatever, I eat anything.” Instead, if you asked “Do you want Mexican or Italian?” You’ll get responses right away because your friends will evaluate the two options right away so they’ll have a preference right away.

The best place to practice this is to use it for schedule everyday meetings. If you ask, can we do a meeting tomorrow? You’ll get lack luster responses. If you say, can you do a meeting tomorrow at 2pm? People know if they’re available or not. This also works the opposite way, if you do not want to meet with someone, then just ask “when do you want to meet?”

“To be honest”

A lot of people will say, just before they’re about to let someone know something likely negative, “to be honest” or “to be frank”. To someone you’re talking to, that actually means, you are now being honest. So what about everything you said before? Was it a lie? If you want to be trusted in your advice and opinion, then never says these words – just be honest all the time!

Ask directly

People always want to avoid confrontation – it’s natural, who likes conflict? But when you ask directly, you’ll get the answer you need. It’s the quickest way to move things forward. If you’re always asking around the actual question, you will not get the answer you need. It might seem forward, so building rapport, and understanding your timing is still key, so  just try it out with developed relationships. Or try it when asking out the opposite sex – you’ll know right away if they’re interested or not 😉 .

It will take some time to develop these habits, but just try them out and see if you can get things done faster. Or spend some time observing when others are doing them!

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