Live the Dream: #WorkAnywhere with the FreshBooks iPhone App

February 23, 2016

It’s Tuesday afternoon and you’re driving to pick-up your (snazzy) new business cards. Your favorite client calls asking you to re-send that Invoice from last November, and they need it ASAP because, you know, tax season. For a second you panic, you won’t be home for hours and can’t get to a computer.

Deep breath.

The stress washes away when you remember that you have the new FreshBooks iPhone app. With a couple of clicks, the Invoice is sent and you enjoy a fist pump with the windows down.

With the newly updated FreshBooks iPhone app, you can easily grow your business on-the-go. Think of it like a mighty, pocket-sized army that keeps you organized and helps you get paid faster. Some of the app’s best new features include: a redesigned home screen that makes navigating a breeze, a simple way to snap photos of Expense receipts and a more personalized approach to Invoicing.

We sat down with a few FreshBooks customers to learn how they use the app to #WorkAnywhere: the founders of Sociable Design, Pam Lau and Brendan from Explorer’s Press.

(FreshBooks customers from left to right: Pam Lau, Dakota Park & Jamie Lauder from Sociable Design and Brendan Megannety from Explorer’s Express)

When Dakota and Jamie founded Sociable Design, they knew two things: they shared a passion for photography and design and they wanted to grow their business in Whistler. With clients like Cliff Bar, Eureka! Tents and Goal Zero, it’s clear that they’ve discovered their West Coast niche. Their favorite thing about the iPhone app? While enjoying a day on the slopes, the pair were able to easily send an Invoice from a chairlift. Nice!

 Check out their website and Instagram if you want to experience serious wanderlust.

Pam Lau moves around the city a lot. From meeting clients to being on set, this Toronto-based photographer is hardly in one place for too long. Striking a balance between editorial and commercial, Pam’s work has a strong aesthetic that’s been partly shaped by her mobility. Her favorite thing about the iPhone app? It helps keep her business organized and professional while she moves around town.

Check out her website and Instagram to get lost in Pam’s beautiful aesthetic.

Brendan founded Explorer’s Press to help people personalize the everyday. What started out as a napkin sketch, is now a hugely popular accessory brand based in Vancouver. Whether on vacation or working from home, Brendan is constantly designing and creating on-the-go. His favorite thing about the iPhone app? The ability to easily snap receipt photos so he doesn’t have to lug around paper.

Check out his website and Instagram to see Brendan’s playful accessory collection.

Have a story about working on-the-go with the FreshBooks iPhone app? Give us a shout: @FreshBooks on Instagram or Twitter.

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