A few FreshBooks folks are heading west to SXSW!

March 11, 2009

This may seem like a weird story but Sunir, Rayanne and I were sitting around a few weeks back listening to records when the Village People song GO WEST came on and almost immediately we all jumped up and said I WANT TO BE THE COWBOY!

You would think this would have been uncomfortable but this happens more than you would think here at FreshBooks.

So anyway, inspired partly by our Cowboy confession and the Village People we chose right then to attend South by SouthWest Interactive, and like last year we have a ridiculous amount of fun and cool stuff planned like dinners, magicians, clowns, a speaking panel on building brands using Web 2.0 tools, the best looking schwag, and anytime you see folks from FreshBooks make sure ask for a couple packs of our exclusive Internet All Star Baseball Cards!

Please follow us on Twitter (@FreshBooks, @rlangdon, @Sunir and @saulcolt) to meet up, follow the fun or to just be embarrassed for Saul (me) since I apparently have no shame.

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