A Surprise from Taiwan

January 16, 2007

browntaiwan.jpgA few days ago I got a package I was not expecting.  The package came in a yellow paper bag and it had a number of Chinese characters on it with an address located in Taiwan.

I opened it and found a large book with a nice cover along with this letter:
“Dear Daniel:

It is our honor to introduce FreshBooks as a successful innovative Web 2.0 application in our yearly publication, the Internet Application and Development Yearbook in 2006.  We thank you again for granting us the authorization to use your logo in the book, and are happy to send you one copy as promised.  You would find FreshBooks and previous 2ndSite logo placed on page 144.  Happy New Year.”

I was really impressed that they had followed through with their promise to send us a copy. In late September, I had spoken briefly to Judy Liu from Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan.

It also came with a CD at the back which contained a copy of the entire book.  This was extremely helpful, since I was able to post a copy (see below) of our entry in the book without having to use a scanner or take pictures.

For those of you, who can read traditional Chinese, enjoy.
(Page 144, Page 145)

Other companies worth mentioning that were profiled in the book include: Zillow.com, PayPal, Skype and SalesForce.com.

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