#imakealiving, Powered by FreshBooks

about imakealiving

#imakealiving is a travelling event series powered by FreshBooks. Launched in 2017, #imakealiving aims to spark a conversation about how other freelancers navigate the changing marketplace.

We’ve travelled to major hubs, including: Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Chicago, Boston and right here in FreshBooks’ home city of Toronto. So stay tuned to find out when we touch down in your city—we’d love to meet you!

In case you’re in need of a little more convincing to attend, here are some reasons why you won’t want to miss it

Expert Panelists

Learn from your industry’s best and brightest like David Feldman and Bill Morrison.

Grow Your Business

The connections you make at these events will not only deepen your support network, they can also help you grow your network.

Networking Opportunities

Come meet your fellow entrepreneurs and find out how they make a living in your city.

Check out where #imakealiving is headed next