Add-ons Roundup – OfficeDrop, Solve360, inDinero and itDuzzit

August 30, 2010

While you were out enjoying the beautiful weather that summer brings, our friends were busy building some great add-ons to help you get more out of FreshBooks. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest and greatest ‘add-ons’ to the FreshBooks ecosystem, and how they can make your lives much easier.

OfficeDrop lets you attach documents to practically anything in FreshBooks; invoices, estimates, time entries and expenses. You can easily scan and upload your documents into OfficeDrop, or send them in and have them do it for you. From there, you can add a direct link to your document right in the notes of your invoice before you send it off.

Solve360 is a CRM and Project Management tool combined into one. It offers a unique approach by giving you the flexibility to display and work with the system the way you want. The integration lets you see your client’s FreshBooks invoicing history while you’re working with clients or projects in Solve360.

inDinero is a powerful financial dashboard that combines FreshBooks invoices with your bank transactions and credit card expenses to give you an overview of your business. Forecast your future cash flow at a glance with beautiful graphs of your finances.

itDuzzit is the easiest way to build on top of the FreshBooks API, no coding necessary! It also integrates with tons of other apps, and messaging systems, such as Twitter and Yammer. Build email and sms alerts that get sent out when an action, like an invoice being paid, occurs in FreshBooks.

Don’t forget that there are tons of other great add-ons in the add-ons directory. Have a look and discover how you can get more out of FreshBooks! And if you’re already using add-ons, don’t forget to leave us a review!

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