All About Aesthetics: The Make-Up of an Amazing Interior Design Blog

July 18, 2016

Blogs were invented for interior designers. At least, it would seem that way.

A well-crafted blog is the perfect marketing tool for interior designers to showcase their amazing (and very visual) projects, while taking readers through their step-by-step approaches to their crafts.

However, not all interior design blogs are created equal. It goes without saying that, if you’re a designer and own a blog, it better be beautiful. But truly spectacular blogs also capture emotion, provide inspiration, offer practical ideas and resources—while exuding professionalism.

So how do you find that je ne sais quoi? We present nine successful examples, each with a magic ingredient to stir up some inspiration.

Personal and Approachable

You know you’ve visited a great blog when you’re immediately seized by the urge to sit back, read and sip a cup of something awesome. Beautiful, high-quality photos, a personable writing style and relatable topics are just some of the reasons Emily’s blog inspires trust and feels professional, yet homey. Check out just how much effort goes into her team’s blog posts!

Lesson:Be authentic and provide content your audience will appreciate—such as visuals.

Editorially Flawless

It’s clear within three clicks that Lisa Canning is one busy woman—leaving room for a larger margin of error. But her smart design tips and effortless, confessional writing style has you rooting for her in her many, many pursuits. (Including raising five small children!)

Lesson: Nothing can take away from the power of an otherwise perfect blog like a spelling/grammar mistake or typo. Part of the charm of Lisa’s blog is that it’s well-written, easy to read and free of glaring grammatical errors and typos. That kind of attention to detail amid a dizzying number of projects and tips provokes trust in her ideas and her execution. 


When snooping around Jenny Komenda’s design website and blog, you understand that she knows her stuff. She dispenses advice on everything from interior design to style and beauty, making it very clear that she runs a well-oiled business. Her blog speaks directly to her personal and professional experience in interior design while the rest of the site showcases her work and provides a ton of resources.

Lesson: Want to build a thriving business? Figure out where you want to focus and get it on your website in a well-organized way. 

Hip and Stylish

Jacquelyn Clark somehow strikes the perfect, down-to-earth blend of aspirational and achievable in her blog lark & linen. A blog with clean design, typeface and very clear aesthetic, presents a cohesive and authoritative perspective, which is appealing when shopping for interior designers. Like others in her industry, Jacquelyn includes lifestyle posts, including recipes and design tips, but they don’t distract from the focus of her work.

Lesson:A well-rounded blog that showcases the same aesthetic in various applications (fashion, beauty, design, business) inspires curiosity and trust in equal measure.


Every interior designer has a signature style—or at least a perspective—that informs most, if not all, of the work they do. Lauren Liess is no exception. She leans heavily on natural elements but demonstrates a range of work on her blog, and even invites readers into her personal home design and renovations.

Lesson:If you’ve got range and are up for projects of all sizes and scale, make sure your blog reflects that.


Most interior designer blogs are focused on inspiring visitors, but Carole King takes that aim to a new level. We’re not sure if it’s the quality of the photos, the simplicity of the design or the unique blog posts (“Inspiration from South America”, “Celebrating the Gentle Beauty of Decay”, “All Things Smink”…) that set her apart, but we’re willing to bet you’ll have your own favorite aspect.

Lesson: Inspiring achievable design for laypeople is one strategy; going completely the other way is another. You decide which fits your style best.


Pippa James seems as intent on educating her blog visitors (and drawing attention to her brand) as styling homes and commercial projects. Her blog is bursting with information, inspiration and resources—and is a clear reflection of the many facets of her business.

Lesson: Own your brand and demonstrate its value by teaching others what is possible.


For Gabrielle Savoie, the blog came before the interior design business. “I started Savvy Home on a whim five years ago,” she told design website My Domaine. “I was sitting around reading blogs and I thought, ‘Hey, I could do this! An hour later, Savvy Home was born.’” An equally outstanding idea was to launch an e-décor business that serves customers around the world electronically.

Lesson: Don’t let fear or geography get in the way of a great blog!


Cassandra Lavalle began blogging in 2007 as a way to express herself creatively and eventually launch a career in interior design. Except the opposite happened. It would turn out that her interior design dream would have to wait while she tended to her wildly successful lifestyle blog. Today, she’s balancing both worlds with a beautifully curated blog and a growing interior design business.

Lesson: Sometimes your blog will take you in an unexpected direction. Go with what inspires you—who knows what will happen!

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