Announcing Leafy’s World Tour

July 29, 2010

Have you met Leafy? He’s usually found doing the grunt work on the FreshBooks blog for scheduled maintenance. However, Leafy is a little tired of charming you only from the blog – he wants to meet you and see the world!  So we’re sending Leafy on a world tour to visit with customers, get cultured, and take in the sights.

Stop number one? Beautiful (and romantic!) Niagara Falls, Ontario!  In fact…he’s already been there!

The big question is, “where should Leafy go next?!” We’d like to put him up with you, a wonderful FreshBooks customer who is willing to show him a good time and take some photos to send back to the FreshBooks team.  You’re also responsible for sending him on his next trip, which we’ll e-mail you the details for (and cover the travel/shipping costs) once you send back the photos of his stay with you.

If you’re a FreshBooks customer willing to help show Leafy the world, send him an email (leafy[at]freshbooks[dot]com), and he’ll hop on the first flight to your door! You can also keep up to date with his travels on Twitter.

We miss you already Leafy – don’t stay away too long!

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