Call TMZ. BatchBook CRM and FreshBooks Kissing in Public!

April 2, 2009

Rumour: BatchBook and FreshBooks may be dating.

If you’re like me, you meet a lot of new people all the time. People who could turn into potential clients. We all know that keeping track of all those people is really difficult. It’s just that life is more difficult if you don’t keep up. Your business depends on it!

Enter BatchBook, a social CRM. Unlike other CRMs, BatchBook is focused on being part of your Web. For instance, they seamlessly import your contacts from GMail. They inhale Twitter, Delicious, and RSS streams. And my favourite: do you remember Shoeboxed, whom we recently told you will turn your paper receipts into expenses in FreshBooks? Well, it will also import business cards scanned by Shoeboxed. Talk about a Web of tools!

And now BatchBook syncs with FreshBooks. Turn contacts into clients in FreshBooks with a single click, and then stay on top of their outstanding invoices all within the CRM. That’s pretty slick. If you’re impressed, you can sign up for free forever if you’re only one person.

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