Caption Contest: What’s Mr. Groundhog actually thinking?

You may have noticed an additional furry critter in Tuesday’s Leaflet. What? You didn’t? Go on, take another look!

February 2nd marks the official Groundhog Day, where Punxsutawney Phil (the most popular Groundhog) and Wiarton Willie (The Canadian Groundhog) emerge from their burrows and predict either 6 more weeks of Winter, or an early Spring.  Groundhog Day also happens to be one of our favorite Bill Murray movies, so we thought how better to celebrate this momentous occasion than a caption contest!

Here’s what to do, leave a comment below, tweet us, or comment on our Facebook post to tell us what Mr. Groundhog is actually thinking when he emerges from his burrow to see the sun.  Tomorrow we’ll pick the best caption and the winner will receive a copy of Groundhog Day on DVD and an gift card!

Congratulations to Brian Yurick with his caption “This is totally going as “overtime” on my timesheet!”. Thanks to all who submitted, we had a ton of fun reading all your captions 🙂

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