Why Making Choices Is a Powerful Weapon for Growing a Small Business

One of the most exciting aspects of launching or growing a great small business is the sheer thrill of all the opportunities in front of you. You’ve got a great business concept, tons of energy and there is nothing but opportunity in front of you.

We often refer to those opportunities at FreshBooks as “Green Fields”. As exciting and appealing as all of that opportunity is, it can also pose an equally powerful threat to your growth. On more than one occasion I have referred to this threat as being “paralyzed by choice”.

Making Choices Is the Single Most Powerful Enabler of Small Business Growth

The reason you are paralyzed is that you are a small business constrained by your own resources. There is only so much you can actually do. Trying to deal with all the opportunities at once can become overwhelming. You start and stop so many things that suddenly you can’t make any of that great potential happen.

This is where actually choosing becomes the single most powerful enabler of growth. The power is not in selecting but rather eliminating. By choosing, you are both deciding what to do and what not to do. That’s powerful.

Once choices are made, you and the rest of your team can start to really mobilize. People can then move and make decisions using your choices as a guide – and eliminate all the other opportunities from the decision equation. That’s when things really start to happen and you begin to advance your efforts. All of a sudden you feel like you are moving forward and growing.

The Act of Making Choices Is More Important Than Making the Right Choices

The act of making choices is more important than making the right choices. This is because it drives you into action and results. With so much opportunity in front of you, nearly all of your choices are going to be good ones.

Even if you choose your fifth best idea to move forward with instead of what would have been your first, that’s great! At least you move that forward. In the unlucky event that you do make a bad decision, at least you will figure that out early on because you moved forward quickly.

Finally, the beauty of choosing is that you can keep choosing. Once you’ve moved one agenda or priority forward sufficiently, look at your choices again and see which might be best next.

If you find yourself facing the “Green Fields” of opportunity and are feeling paralyzed, then choose your way out. Make choices, put them into action and start growing!

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