Christmas List #3

November 1, 2006

With Halloween out of the way, most of us would have to retire to an underground cave to escape the Christmas marketing frenzy that retailers will now begin to unleash upon us. I hope this series of lists will help you avoid the craziness by being able to order online from the coziness of your underground bunker.

  • No primates were harmed in the making of these sock monkeys.
  • Karaoke. Using your iPod. Rumoured to be out in November.
  • This should get the little explorer out of the house: a felt-lined box for collecting outdoor treasures.
  • Give this, the most beautiful sled I have ever seen, to someone you know so you get to take it for a spin.
  • Who knows why…this pig variation on the Devil Duster grunts as it vacuums up the crumbs.
  • Dear Santa, I’ve been so good. Please bring me this customizable dot matrix wrist cuff.

wristcuff  sockmonkey

Full details on Paruba.

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