Christmas List #4 – Tick Tick Tick

December 13, 2006

Including Sundays, there are eleven shopping days left.

  • Worthy of James Bond: a bottle opener cleverly disguised as a computer mouse.

Bottle opener mouse

  • Never run out of impluse power again. The Solio’s hybrid charger stores power from the sun so you can recharge your handhelds at any time. Small and lots of colours.
  • Organizer This is kind of hard to describe…
  • Buying art for others can be risky, but this list has such a wide variety of affordable art that it might be worth it.
  • I was recently informed by a NYC sales assistant that the cool kids are wearing these kind of belt buckles. These will also hold your iPod. Belt buckle iPod holder

There will be one more Christmas list after this one of gifts and ideas that require no delivery time, just in case – and I know it’s a long shot – you’ve left your shopping until the very, very last minute.

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