Cinco de Moustache: 2011 Edition

March 4, 2011

The Moustache is a pretty important facial features here at FreshBooks HQ. Not only do we participate in the yearly Movember event, we take it one step further and also celebrate Cinco de Moustache every year in March.

From left to right, we have Owen with a marvelous mutten chops, Levi, with a classic chevron, Taavi, sporting the bushiest painter’s brush he’s ever grown. Mike, our trucker-with-a-soul-patch CEO, Raj, sporting a Franz-Josfe, and Steve, who looks like he could use some help in the moustache growing department.

Needless to say, all FreshBooks employees were issued a special pair of glasses to prevent temporary blindness from this aura of awesome-ness.

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