Classic FreshBooks: 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Artists

Classic FreshBooks: A blog post from the FreshBooks archive.

Mike McDerment, FreshBooks CEO, wrote a great article about the many the similarities between entrepreneurs and artists (who are entrepreneurs in their own right) a few years ago, and it still holds true to day. In fact, Steve Blank wrote “Entrepreneurship is an Art not a Job” just two months ago. Here’s the post by Mike:

7 ways entrepreneurs are artists

Entrepreneurs are artists — their business is the canvas. Here are seven reasons:

Entrepreneurs create something out of nothing

That’s what entrepreneurs do. Instead of using canvas and paints as resources, entrepreneurs take people and capital and create product and culture. Their is no doubt their fingerprints are all over the output. Jeff Bezos at Amazon is customer focused; Amazon has great service. Steve Jobs is a design tyrant; Apple products beautiful products. See a trend here?

Iteration is a key to success

Often businesses start with no clear business model, or wind up backing into a business model they never expected. Look at Google. They were into search, and wound up a lead generation machine connecting businesses with the people searching for their wares. But how did they get there? They started out in one direction and they iterated their way into what they do today. The path may not be clear, but entrepreneurs move on and figure things out along the way — much as a sculptor takes a block and chips away at it bit by bit.


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