Client calls your cell? Bill them with Skydeck.

November 6, 2008

FreshBooks now uses Skydeck to turn your cell phone calls from your clients into time tracking entries.
Use Skydeck with FreshBooks to turn cell phone calls from your clients into billable hours.

Mobile warriors, we got your back.

Some clients require better customer service than others. That’s why many FreshBooks customers give out their cell phone numbers. Of course, in return for always being on call, you should expect to be compensated. In an ideal world, billing your clients when they call should be easy, and now, it is.

Introducing Skydeck

When I heard of Skydeck, a new service that keeps track of your cell phone calls, I knew it was gold. They automatically gather your cell phone records from your cell phone carrier. It didn’t take much to turn that information into money for you.

Look forward to hearing from your clients!

Now, you can quickly and easily convert cell phone calls into time tracking entries in FreshBooks. Our new Skydeck to FreshBooks importer matches up your clients’ phone numbers in FreshBooks to cell phone calls logged in Skydeck. It’s only a couple clicks to import them into FreshBooks. From there, they are ready to be invoiced to your clients.

Hat tip

Thanks goes out to FreshBooks customers Chris Moyer and Derek Herman who put this app together for us.

Note: Skydeck is only currently available in the United States.

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