Color Blindness Design Change

April 23, 2007

After the release of our benchmarking Report Cards we received a few pieces of feedback from our clients saying that they could not determine their percentile rating because of color blindness. Mainly distinguishing between the green and orange boxes for “Your Percentile” rating. See below:

Report cards before

So we decided to make a slight design change to these boxes so they would be easier to interpret regardless of what colors we used. See new design below:

Report card after

About 1 in every 20 people suffer from a color vision deficiency – something to consider when you are designing your web pages, and not only when you choose colors, but also when you decide to display information. Clearly it’s important to display information in a simple and easily understood format and not rely too heavily to certain colors to convey meaning.

Here is a cool little online tool which I stumbled upon. It allows you to check what your images or website(s) look like from the eyes of someone who is color blind.

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