Contest: Let FreshBooks buy you pancakes, parking, pedicures and parachutes

You may have heard of the 4P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. In some circles they are a big deal, yet these classic business principles don’t entirely fit your business. Today, FreshBooks would like to introduce you to a new version of the 4P’s that may suit you better – Pancakes, Parking, Pedicures and Parachutes – and we’re going to pay you to learn them good (details below!).

What is this madness you ask? Here are the new 4P’s:


There has been a notable trend towards ‘uninhibited inspiration’, where business owners do their work when and where they want, oftentimes at home during breakfast, and best over a plate of pancakes.
#PERK#: FreshBooks will fork over up to $40 USD for enjoying a delicious pancake breakfast (or dinner?).


The 21st century entrepreneur is defined by his/her mobility between client visits and transportation-related costs can be significant. Some have even dubbed a “2:10 Phenomenon” where entrepreneurs consistently outrun their parking meters by 10 minutes when on business travel.
#PERK#: FreshBooks will pay up to $40 USD to park anywhere you please so this time, choose the best spot on the street.


Independent business owners are often on their feet visiting clients and job sites, and are required to treat their tired feet to pedicures to keep their toes looking tip top.
#PERK#: Need an hour of bliss? FreshBooks will gladly send you up to $40 USD for a pampering pedicure.


Running a small business is often described like “jumping out of an airplane and not knowing if the parachute will open.” This instinct for adventure present in entrepreneurs needs to be cultivated!
#PERK#: Enjoy a thrilling skydiving session on FreshBooks – we’ll reimburse you up to $100 USD for your experience.

That’s right, starting September 1st, treat yourself to one of the new 4P’s and invoice FreshBooks with your receipt using the FreshBooks iPhone App. For the first 40 invoices we receive for each of the 4P’s, you’ll be reimbursed up to $40 (or $100 in the case of Parachuting).

Just follow these steps to claim your perk:

Step 1: Using the FreshBooks iPhone App log the “P” expense and attach a photo of the receipt to an invoice.
Step 2: Send us your invoice for the expense at
Step 3: Tweet us a note (@freshbooks) saying you sent us an invoice with the hashtag #FreshBooks4P

Follow our updates on the blog, Twitter and FaceBook and please send photos too, we’ll find places to post ’em!

A little fine print (complete contest rules)

– Limit of 1 perk per person per account. Please do not create multiple accounts for this promotion. Instead we highly recommend you tell all your small business friends and invite yourself to their pancake breakfasts.

– Invoices must be sent from the new FreshBooks mobile app found in the iTunes store.

– You must attach a photo of your receipt in the app for payment to be made.

– A maximum of $40 USD per perk will be paid out for pedicures, pancakes and parking so if your receipt is for more, you’ll receive $40 USD and if it’s less, you’ll receive the total amount you paid.

– A maximum of $100 USD will be paid out for skydiving outings. If your receipt is more than you will receive $100 USD and if it is less, you’ll receive the total amount you paid.

– The first 40 people PER perk (total of 160 perks) will be paid for. Please ensure you are following our timely Twitter updates to ensure the perk of your choice is still getting reimbursed.

– Payments will be made within 10 days of receiving your invoice and proof of expense. Please ensure your information is accurate so the payment comes through without issue. We will contact you if we require more information on how to pay you…but setting up PayPal would be easiest!

– Photos sent in (either receipts or snapshots of your fun day) may be used by FreshBooks so you are accepting that by submitting these images. You may send in non-receipt snapshots to or share them on our Facebook fan page.

Deadlines:  Contest Closes on Sept 21st so get doing fun things before that and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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