Costume Contest ’10: Vote for Your Favourite!

October 29, 2010

It’s that time of the year again! HALLOWEEN! This is our 3rd annual costume contest, and as usual, we’re opening up the voting to the public! So come join the madness, take a look at our costumes and comment below to vote for your favourite!

You can also vote via twitter! Just use the hash-tag #FBHalloween. Winner will be announced on Monday!

Costumes presented in alphabetical order

Scout from Team Fortress
Adam as Scout from Team Fortress II.

Gentlemen Vampire
Ashok as a Gentleman Vampire!

Princess Warrior
Beatriz as a Princess Warrior.

Fresh Leafy
Casey as Fresh Leafy

and many, many more behind the cut!

80s metal aficionado
Ben Coe as 80s metal aficionado.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Daniel as the Hot Tub Time Machine!

Grace as Leonardo from The Ninja Turtles

Jane and her dog, Maggie, as Robin, and Batman!

Jason as Silent Bob from Jay and Silent Bob

Jeff as a Dolphin!

Green Screen
Jeremy as a Green Screen Man!

Green Screen
Jessamyn as a Pioneer! (She made the costume!)

Mr. Jefferson
John C. as Mr. Jefferson!

Jon Spenceley as a Pirate! (Complete with a home-made sock Kraken)

Kokul as a FreshBooks Ninja (Fresh Ninja!).

Mad Hatter
Laleh as the Mad Hatter

Tennis Zombie
Levi as a Zombie Tennis Player!

Rae as a clown!

Angry Cowboys fan
Raj as an Angry Cowboys Fan.

Ultimate Warrior
Rajan (Left) as the Ultimate Warrior!

Angry Spock
Richard K. as an Angry Spock.

Hulk Hogan
Steve as Hulk Hogan.

Cowboy and Indian
Sunir as Cowboy and Indian!

Taavi as Westley from The Princess Bride.

Taylor as Rorschach from Watchmen.

Justin Bieber
Tim C. as Justin Bieber.

Tim L. as a Ketchup Bottle.

No matter who you vote for, here’s a safe and happy Halloween from the FreshBooks crew to you!

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