Creative Mornings Video: Emily Cohen – The Things You Need to Know as a Freelancer

February 23, 2011

We do a lot of cool stuff at FreshBooks and don’t take a lot of credit for it. Why you ask? Well, because most of the time we want to talk about things other then ourselves. That being typed, bragging is sometimes fun.

(FunFact: Any time you are in a fancy museum and see an “anonymous donation” it might be by us…or Larry David)

One of the things we should brag about more (because we are so proud to support it) is that we are one of the continuing sponsors of Creative Mornings NYC organized by the amazing Tina Roth Eisenberg (@swissmiss). We don’t brag about it because we aren’t really the bragging type but if we were we would say that Creative Mornings are amazing, it’s because of the quality of the speakers and attendees.

Here is a video of Emily Cohen. Emily spoke this past December about The Things You Need to Know as a Freelancer. We thought the talk was worth sharing and incredibly valuable…and for those not familiar with Emily Cohen, she has been a consultant to creative professionals for over 20 years providing confidential, best-practice insights and advice, so she really know what she is talking about.  We thought it was awesome and hope you do too.

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