Credits have arrived

November 27, 2006

All of you FreshBooks users have likely noticed that your FreshBooks service has been successfully upgraded to Version 3.6 with credits.  Thank you to those who have sent feedback.

With account credits, you can now allow your customers to pre-pay for services and track how much credit each customer has available at any time – eliminating the need to maintain manual records. Credits also enable you to automatically track account balances to quickly get an accurate snapshot at any moment.  You can also reward your customers by adding money to their account.

To see all the details on credits and what was in the rest of the new release, click on the blue 3.6 link at the bottom of any page inside your account.

about the author

Co-Founder & VP of Operations, FreshBooks Levi is a professional engineer with a BEng from the University of Victoria. Before co-founding FreshBooks as the VP of Operations, Levi managed projects at Apex Systems Integrators Inc., where his clients included Canadian Tire, Nestlé and Parmalat. Levi’s long term goals include: never losing the contest to wear shorts to the office for as long as humanly possible, some day growing back his mullet he had in the eighties and getting on the jumbotron at the Raptors game at least once a year.