Customer Portrait: Story Airways is Flying High Above Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Over Canadian Thanksgiving, the FreshBooks support team took a trip down to Las Vegas to learn more about delivering amazing customer service from the folks at Zappos and more importantly, to visit some awesome customers and share their stories with the world. David Story is a FreshBooks customer who started his own company called “Story Airways” (AKA Vegas Night Flights) after taking flying lessons for several years. He came from a finance background and moved to the world of soaring through the clouds and doing what he loves from tens of thousands of feet up above the ground.

Story Airways is a private touring airline that flies people around Las Vegas to see the breathtaking sights. The trips launch from Las Vegas and can span a few hours, seeing Las Vegas from above, perhaps Los Angeles and San Diego, or even the impressive Grand Canyon (one of David Story’s favorite places). The best part about the experience is how personal it is. The plane fits 5 people and the pilot, and feels like a small limousine when you go inside. David Story prides himself on being able to convert skeptics, or people who are afraid of flying, into comfortable and enthusiastic air-travelers.

Story Airways is yet another example of a fantastic, innovative, and inspiring company that uses FreshBooks to take his mind off the pain out off running a business, because if you really think about it, invoices are the last thing you want your pilot worrying about when you are in the air.

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