Day 11 – The Twelve Days of Freshtivus

December 20, 2011

Welcome to Day 11 of Freshtivus! With the holidays approaching, we’re busy giving away gifts to our fantastic users. We are also following the story of Sam, a small business owner who is struggling with her invoicing and just discovering FreshBooks. If you missed any part of her story or want to see our previous giveaways, see our past posts here.

Smooth and simple. That’s how invoicing should be. To ensure that things do run smoothly, our QA and Operations teams keep a keen eye out for bugs and errors so that we have as few issues and as little downtime as possible. Our QA crew keeps their minds and bodies strong through things like ballet, Tae Kwon Do,  yoga and chess so that they’re in top form when combating bugs. Meanwhile, the Operations team prefers the foosball table, cooking, board games and the sax to unwind. They certainly deserve it, as they work hard to always have someone on call to take care of any issues that arise, even after office hours.

In this episode, Sam receives a “bug kit” from QA Superstar, Betty, as thanks for helping find a bug.  She then meets Jason, and gets a glimpse of our Operations team.   Watch today’s video to find out the winner of the Day 11 giveaway, and don’t forget about our poetry and caption contests.

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