Freelance at a Glance – Infographic via Socialcast

While perusing the Internet today we came across this awesome infographic from SocialCast highlighting a fact we here at FreshBooks know to be true. The graphic illustrates a new kind of workforce emerging in the world made up of talented, driven and highly connected people. Not hard to guess who they are: freelancers.

The graphic points to the 2010 Global Freelancer survey results that found freelancers derive a high degree of satisfaction from their career opportunities and choose this path for the flexibility and creative control over projects that it offers.

The majority also identify opening a small business as a main goal for the future, and that using online cloud-based systems allow them to stay organized and flexible in how they work.

It’s scary to see the survey also find that, of the 40% of freelancers who report having trouble getting paid, the average amount of time to receive payment is 52 days (which figures why the FreshBooks late payment notifications launched to much applause).

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