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March 26, 2012

As most of you know, one of the core tenets of FreshBooks is to help folks get paid and make it happen faster, because we understand that all sorts of barriers exist between you and your hard earned paycheck. It’s troubling to discover, however, just how common the barrier is a nonpaying client.

At FreshBooks we love all freelancers and similar to our stance on Spec Work we want to support the people who support us and stand behind our friends at the Freelancers Union who are advocating to change legislation to better protect freelancers. The Freelancer Payment Protection Act was passed as a bill in the State of New York in June, 2011 and the next step is to get it passed in by the State Senate this June. To do this they require signatures and we want to help them highlight the importance of this issue.

What can I do?

What you need to know about the Freelancer Payment Protection Act

The Freelancer Payment Protection Act (S4129/A6698) is legislation in State of New York that would help independent workers collect money from their nonpaying clients. The Assembly Bill passed in June 2011, and the Senate Bill is currently in the Labor Committee.

Who and how would it help?

Independent workers who work in New York State and expect to be paid more than $600 by a client. Independent workers whose clients haven’t paid them will be able to file complaints with the New York State Department of Labor, which will investigate the claim. Victims may be able to receive 100% of what they’re owed, plus attorney’s fees and interest on the amount owed.

If you have any doubts about how nonpayment affects both the self-employed and their entire community, check out this infographic created by FreshBooks customer Joseph Caserto which illustrates the astonishing degree that unpaid wages in New York state affect everyone.

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