“Fresh” Changes to our Blog

January 23, 2008

FreshBooks is all about our users.

We communicate with them in several ways. E-mails, instant messages, IM, Twitter (new!), Facebook, newsletters and other assorted tried-and-true methods. Heck, we even post silly photos of ourselves on Flickr. However, our primary megaphone has always been our blog.

Knowing this, we’ve decided to re-tool the blog, creating a wider, more friendly, spacious feel. The body font has been enlarged to make it easier to skim articles, allow for easier reading, and make the blog more accessible for all. We’ve added connections to other blogs, and tried to clean up all the information so you can better traverse the newly updated “Fresh Thinking.”

We’re also making great efforts to post more frequently, so you’ll always know about important FreshBooks information, updates, travels, and general office tomfoolery. So please stay tuned in, and let us know what you think!

Image of our new blog design

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