Fresh Faces: Matt & Josh Sears of Littlelines

April 16, 2008

Littlelines is a small, friendly development team consisting of clean design and top notch coding.

Well okay, that’s the text from our homepage. Behind the scenes, we’re two brothers who have teamed up to create awesome websites. One is a designer — the other is a developer. We think it’s a good match.

Who are you?

Photo of Matt SearsMatt Sears is a software developer with over eight years of experience in developing applications for the Web. Prior to Littlelines, Matt was Technical Lead at LexisNexis, a global online search engine for legal and business documents. There he led large and small teams on enterprise application development projects.

Photo of Josh SearsJosh Sears entered the professional world as a Graphic Designer for Scott Hull Associates, the country’s top artist agency. There he honed his skills for a half decade until finally he was considered an equal of the nation’s top artists and designers.

Josh’s work has been celebrated in such publications as HOW Magazine, Print, 3X3, and honoured by associations such as American Illustrators and Graphic Design USA.

What do you do?

Simply put, we make clean, user-friendly websites.

What was business like before FreshBooks?

Honestly? We didn’t have a business before FreshBooks. It was one of our first choices when we started the company due to the fact that we wanted a simple, intuitive process of invoicing our clients.

What is business like with FreshBooks?

Things are going great. The system is easy and pain-free. Payments have arrived smoothly and everyone seems happy. We couldn’t be happier.

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