FreshBooks 4.3 is now available!

February 25, 2008

This morning’s upgrades are complete, and version 4.3 of FreshBooks has arrived on the scene with lots of great improvements and a few exciting new features.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new and improved:


  • At long last, you can now manage expenses inside FreshBooks using the “expenses” tab.
  • Expenses can be assigned to a client which allows for easy application to invoices.
  • Expenses can also be assigned to a project, and you’ll be prompted to include any associated expenses when generating an invoice for a project.
  • There are new expense reports under the “reports” tab.

PDF invoices and estimates

  • You and your clients can now view (and save) your invoices and estimates in PDF format.

New and improved client import

  • Our client import tool has been completely re-designed! You can now import your contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail.

“Save and add another”

  • We just made life easier when adding multiple expenses, items, tasks and support departments.

Minor updates

  • You may now choose to have no currency symbol.
  • Invoice numbers can now contain the following symbols: ‘:’, ‘-‘, and ‘.’
  • Uploaded logos are now automatically (and optimally) resized for better presentation.
  • Status legends can be permanently turned on or off.
  • Help boxes can be permanently turned off.

We’ll be highlighting a few of these new features in greater detail over the course of the next couple weeks.

To see these improvements now, log into your existing FreshBooks system or create a new one for free, and enjoy!

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